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If you are interested in increasing your monthly views on your website or blog, Pinterest may be the way to go.

For many bloggers, Pinterest has become the #1 traffic source for their site. And, if you are looking to boost your traffic too you’ll want to consider following a strategy to ensure you’re on the right path. 

If you were one of the many bloggers hit by one of Google’s confusing updates, then it may be time to start diversifying your traffic sources as this is the most trusted way to maintain steady traffic. And, Pinterest is one of the best ways for you to do this. 

If you’ve been lost in figuring out how to use Pinterest the right way and finally start making affiliate income, then it’s time to learn how to finally use Pinterest correctly.

Here is my honest Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 review and why you need to take this online course to grow your monthly viewers.

Who is Carly Campbell?

Carly Campbell is a Mommy blogger who started her blog back in 2016. Within 7 months she was able to mainly use Pinterest organic traffic to reach 200,000 page views. As if that’s not cool enough, she was able to get massive traffic to a brand new Pinterest account using the same methods.

So clearly she knows Pinterest well. And she shares not just the how, or the what, but she also shares “why” it works.

Before she created this course, Carly shared her methods and ideas with her blogging group of friends, and they found similar success. So, she decided to create an affordable course that every blogger can take so they too can succeed on Pinterest.

Why use Pinterest to Grow Blog Traffic?

Let’s face it. 

Blogging without benefits isn’t always fun. Ideally, you should be making some money from your blog, even if it’s just enough to cover the expenses to maintain it. And you can’t really make any money from your blog posts if you don’t have enough traffic to your affiliate links, ads, or digital products.

Like many bloggers, you’ve probably suffered the negative effects of a painful Google update that completely flatlined your traffic. 

But, since Pinterest is not like social media platforms, and is actually a visual search engine, any new pins you create stay on the platform forever. And, it can continue to bring in traffic for years to come.

While Google SEO used to be the #1 way to bring in website traffic, it has become a more volatile traffic source and is often unreliable during updates and algorithm changes.

With Pinterest though, you can use this platform to bring in free traffic, almost as high, or higher than what your Google SEO traffic is.

Simply put, if you want to have reliable and consistent traffic, you need to diversify your sources, and Pinterest is the best option for that. 

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laptop with pinterest screen up - pinteresting strategies
This pin was created using Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies

Does Carly’s Pinterest Strategies work for all blog niches?

Unfortunately no. But that is because not all niches are well suited for Pinterest, and here’s why.

When Pinterest was created, the main target audience was women, and still is to this day. Now, there is a male audience that uses Pinterest as it is a great place to find ideas and inspiration. But, for the majority of the audience, Pinterest tends to focus its content on a female audience.

And, there are certain topics that the main users of Pinterest (women) don’t typically have much interest in. That’s not to say that the content doesn’t exist on Pinterest, or that there aren’t Pinterest users who have an interest in it. But, for the most part, the traffic potential of certain topics just isn’t there. 

To help you decide if Pinteresting Strategies is the right online course for you, here’s a list of the most popular topics. This isn’t an exclusive list, and there are niches not in this list that can still definitely get traffic. This list just includes the niches that can expect to see great traffic:

  • DIY – Arts/ crafts
  • Home decor and home management
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Health/ Fitness

In Carly’s course, one of her biggest principles behind what makes a successful Pinterest strategy is when it correctly targets user intent. If you have a very micro-niche type of blog (local blog for a coffee shop), then chances are you will struggle with getting page views from Pinterest, regardless of how hard you try. 

So, if you really don’t think your niche aligns with Pinterest user intent, then Pinteresting Strategies probably isn’t the course for you, as Pinterest may not be your best method for gaining traffic.

However, if you notice that your niche is in that list, or if it is an adjacent topic, you have a good chance of Pinterest success. Otherwise, if you still aren’t sure, run a quick search on Pinterest for your blog’s niche. 

If you see tons of pins about your type of content, then you will definitely want to join Carly’s course to make sure you are getting the most traffic potential.

Join The Pinteresting Strategies Course

Is Pinteresting Strategies the Best Pinterest Course?

In my personal honest opinion, yes.

While Carly’s teaching style is not always super organized, she knows exactly what needs to be covered for a student to understand the content. She has a mix of video tutorials, text, and images so you can see and understand her strategies.

I am definitely a visual learner, so this helped me a lot.

There are thousands of bloggers who have joined this course to learn how to grow their Pinterest traffic. And, just as many have found success after they implemented her strategy.

In every blogging Facebook group I’m in, there are at least several members who have mentioned the course and how helpful it was to increase their monthly pageviews through Pinterest. And this is when I decided to test out the course for myself.

Not only is it one of the most popular, but also one of the highest-rated Pinterest courses.

You will need to take a look at Carly’s sales page to see some of the success stories of her students. Some of them are pretty darn impressive. One student was able to reach over 1 million monthly viewers, and 10x her traffic. 

screenshot of pinterest traffic analytics after taking Pinteresting strategies course
This is my Pinterest traffic after a couple of months of implementing Carly’s strategies

You can see how much my Pinterest traffic grew in such a short time. This was only about a month or two after I implemented the strategies. With Pinterest though, it may take some time before you see significant traffic coming in.

For some students though, they were able to start seeing traffic growth in as little as 2 weeks. And, depending on your niche, you could too.

Want to learn a little bit from Carly right now?

Pros and Cons of Pinteresting Strategies

All courses have positive and negative aspects about them. And, I feel it’s important to know about these before you decide whether or not to buy.

Pros of Pinteresting Strategies 2.0: 

  1. It is a comprehensive course on Pinterest 
  2. Includes a checklist to optimize your site prior to implementing Pinterest strategies
  3. Regular updates to the course content as Pinterest changes
  4. Affordable pricing ($97)
  5. You learn how to use Pinterest as a beginner, or seasoned user
  6. You learn pin design – how to create clickable pins (aka – get more traffic)
  7. You learn how to understand user intent
  8. You learn Pinterest SEO and Keyword research 
  9. Learn how to use keywords and write quality pin descriptions
  10. The strategy used does not require paid tools (manual pinning only)
  11. Suitable for new and seasoned Pinterest users
  12. Includes 10 Canva pin templates, and 5 PicMonkey pin templates

Cons of Pinteresting Strategies 2.0:

  1. Pinterest does take time to see results regardless of how hard you try, so you may not feel instant gratification.
  2. The strategy has a limited amount of automation that you can use. The Pinterest native scheduler can only schedule 30 days at a time.
  3. Does not include how to use Tailwind. So, if you want to use long-term scheduled automation, this course is not it.
  4. No recommended method to maintain a manual pinning schedule, so you will have to track that on your own.
  5. Does not include how to create and manage promoted pins.
  6. There are only 15 pin templates included in the course

See what others are saying about Pinteresting Strategies.

pinteresting strategies 2.0 course logo

What Makes Pinteresting Strategies Different from Other Pinterest Courses?

The unique thing about Carly’s course is that rather than recommending Tailwind as a way of publishing Pinterest Pins, she uses manual pinning

Which is FREE!

Carly doesn’t suggest you buy a bunch of extra tools (aka affiliate products) for you to be successful on Pinterest. She has done extensive studies and research as to why this is the best way to see successful traffic growth.

Rather than paying a monthly expense to try and grow traffic to your blog using Tailwind, Carly recommends using the native Pinterest scheduler. And as new bloggers, keeping expenses as low as possible is important for success. So why bother with an unnecessary subscription?

woman working on computer with pinterest
This pin was created using Carly’s Strategies

Is Carly’s Course right for you?

Honestly, I think this course is great for any business owner or blogger interested in using Pinterest to market their site or products. However, the course is best suited for bloggers, as Carly is a blogger, and bases her course content on this fact.

Whether you are new or experienced at Pinterest, or at blogging, this course will still benefit you as you will definitely learn something new. But, for those who are more experienced, you will get a chance to see how a new account is built up, and different ways to improve your older account.

I have found this course to be the most worthwhile course I’ve ever purchased. It comes with the most updated Pinterest strategy, so you know that you will always be getting traffic from Pinterest. 

However, if your niche does not align with the ones I listed above or is not an adjacent topic, then you may struggle to grow with Pinterest. 

What you need to know before you buy…

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 costs $97 for lifetime access to the course, including future updates. 

But, you also get some bonus content with this course.

  • 10 Canva and 5 PicMonkey pin templates
  • Title traffic hacks for bloggers ($27 value)
  • Pin Design Rules to Break ($27 value)
  • Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive ($37 value)
  • “Do you get long clicks” bonus video training ($25 value)

Here is an overview of the lessons included in Carly’s course.

screenshot of Pinteresting strategies course overview part 1
screenshot of Pinteresting strategies course overview part 2
screenshot of Pinteresting strategies course overview part 3
screenshot of Pinteresting strategies course overview part 4
screenshot of Pinteresting strategies course overview part 5


Does Carly recommend you create a new Pinterest account or Pinterest profile?

If you already have an account for your website, then you are good. However, it is recommended that you create a new account for each website you have.

Does this course work for both an experienced blogger and a new blogger?

This course is suitable for any experience level. Carly walks you through creating a Pinterest Business account, all the way through learning user intent and how to grow your audience. 

Is this the only Pinterest course I should take?

Yes and no. While this course is very comprehensive, and will likely be the best course you’ll ever need, you should never stop learning new and better ways to improve your blog and increase your traffic. That said, this course does come with regular updates as needed, so you’ll be able to keep up with future changes to Pinterest.

Final Thoughts On Pinteresting Strategies

What do I think about Carly’s course overall?

I think it is 100% worth the price. It is very affordable, and Carly updates it as needed. So you are getting the most relative content, which is so important in the ever-evolving online world of changing algorithms. 

I had previously purchased another Pinterest course, which was far more expensive, and I gained far less. It was almost $500, and it didn’t really cover much in the way of the “why” behind the strategies. And, the course really pushed for using extra tools (aka affiliate products) in order to have success on Pinterest. It was honestly more of a Canva course than a Pinterest course.

So, is Carly’s course packed with value and will you be able to succeed after implementing her strategies? Absolutely. I would buy her course again if I thought I could learn even more from her. 

I am completely in love with just how much I learned from her course, and would 100% recommend this as the best blogging online course I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken at least 10 courses and counting).

If you are ready to start seeing some traffic to your blog, get started and take Carly Campbell’s Pinterest Course

Join Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 Course

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  1. Thanks for sharing, i have read many positive facebook comments about Carly and her post but I have not wanted to invest, but after recent traffic drop due to Google updates, I’m looking forward to investing I this course to improve my website traffic.Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Of course!

      I have found this course one of my best investments toward my blog. It was also the most worthwhile and valuable course I’ve taken so far.

      I can’t wait to see your success on Pinterest. 😊

  2. I’ve been really struggling with my Pinterest account, it looks like I’ll have to read more on Carly’s strategy. Thanks for sharing such and amazing work!

    1. Consistency is key. I didn’t start seeing regular traffic until I posted at least 1 pin per day. And with the native scheduler, it makes things so much easier to plan.
      However, because Pinterest is a type of search engine, it does take time for it to recognize your pins, and may take up to 8 months before you really see the traffic take off for the long haul.

    2. I too have taken Carly’s course and found it extremely helpful. My followers and my pin design skills continue to grow. But there’s so much information in it, I’m thinking I’ll go through it again to refresh myself on what I’ve forgotten.

      1. It is definitely chock full of information. I am planning on skimming through it again this summer during the slower season on Pinterest.