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Online tutoring jobs can be one of the easiest ways to make money from home, or anywhere you want to online. 

The great thing about online tutor jobs is that, most of the time, you get to make your own schedule. 

So, if you are looking to make extra money, choose your own hours, and work from anywhere, then joining the online tutors bandwagon may be exactly the job for you.

College students, stay-at-home parents, and digital nomads make the best prospective tutors as they may have the flexibility to work with students when they need help the most.

Do I Need a College Degree to Tutor?

Depending on the online platform that you choose to work for, you may need to have some sort of college degree. 

Some may require a Bachelor’s degree, and others may even require a Master’s degree. 

But, don’t let that discourage you because depending on the online tutoring platform, you may not need any sort of degree at all. However, you may be required to complete a quiz or assessment within your subject area or chosen field. Just know that tutoring companies will show preference towards tutors with previous teaching experience or degrees.

If you do happen to have higher education though, this can greatly boost your resume during the application process and put you ahead of other tutor applicants. 

What is the Average Hourly Rate of an Online Tutor?

While some tutors freelance and may set their own rates, the average pay rate for an online tutor is $19 an hour according to Zip Recruiter. 

This rounds out to around $40,000 a year, making it a great side hustle for those who want to make money in their spare time.

Online tutoring is also a great option for those with flexible working hours to make an extra income as you will often be able to work evening or weekend hours. 

If you decide to become a freelance online tutor, you can set your own prices. But, you will want to make sure that they are affordable for your students or the student’s parents.

If you’re just starting out as a tutor, or have no degrees in your particular subject, you will need to make sure your base pay is set lower to start.

As you begin to receive feedback from your students, collect a series of good reviews, or have worked with several students and helped them improve their grade levels, you can start to increase your pay rate. 

If you are offering freelance tutoring services without the use of a tutoring platform, you will want to ensure you have this affordable Freelance Legal Bundle template. This will ensure you legally protect yourself and make sure you get paid on time.

What Does the Typical Online Application Process look like?

All tutoring services will have a different application or interview process. Most platforms will require that you provide a brief biography of yourself, list out the variety of subjects you are familiar with, your education level, a document of your teaching certificate (if you have one), and any other relevant information. 

Some platforms may also require a background check, especially if you will be working with minors. 

Skills needed to be a strong Online Tutor Applicant:

  • Strong knowledge of a particular subject area (Math, English, Science, Foreign Language, etc.)
  • Flexible schedule (ideal, but not always a requirement if you have a routine schedule)
  • Prior teaching experience (not always necessary, but very beneficial)
  • Reliable internet connection (a must for any online tutor)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good communication
  • Empathy and compassion (students may struggle at times, so compassion is important) 

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What are The Best Online Tutoring Companies to Join?

Magic Ears 

You can earn up to $26 an hour on this platform teaching students ages 4-12.

The ratio may be as many as 4 students on 1 tutor, and the student reach may extend outside of the United States as their mission is to bring education to all students.

​Magic Ears even offers a referral program where you can earn up to $95 for a successful referral. So if you have some friends or family who are interested in online tutoring as a side hustle, you can send them a referral to make some extra money.

Chegg Tutors

When I was going through college this was one of the main online platforms that I used. Many high school students and university students use this platform for homework help.

This platform also allows current college students who are currently studying for a 4-year certificate to join the program. It pays around $20 an hour, and you are paid through Paypal weekly. 

For college students, becoming a Chegg tutor can be a great opportunity to make extra income during their free hours. Chegg also allows tutors from around the world to join and also teaches students from around the world. 

So the more specific your field of study, you’ll have better chances of higher pay.

Tutor Me

Tutor Me Education is a platform that offers both In-home and Online tutoring. This includes PreK-12, College, and Graduate students. 

Current college students are allowed to become tutors and you can expect to be paid $15 and up. The average monthly salary for Tutor Me is $4500.

Tutor Me pays more for tutors who help with test preparation as this is typically more niche and requires more knowledge of the subject.

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This online teaching platform connects North American English teachers to Chinese students ages 6-12. So, many of the English tutors on this platform are native English speakers.

Because the students are so young, the platform uses engaging game-based and narrative learning to help the students better learn the English language.

While it may not be required, if you have some knowledge of conversational Mandarin (the Chinese language) you will be at a great advantage.

The pay rate on this platform ranges from $15-21 an hour and may include bonuses for tutors who show good performance ratings.


You can expect to earn $14-22 an hour from VIPKid. This platform also targets younger students from 4-12 years old.

With VIPKid, you can set your own hours, and avoid the tedious task of making new lesson plans. The platform already provides this for you so all you have to do is focus on teaching.

However, VIPKid is much more strict with who they hire and requires that you have a bachelor’s degree.


Yup is one of the few platforms that solely focuses on a single subject, and in this case, the specific subject is math. The different subjects in math that they focus on include early math and pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability, pre-calculus and calculus AB.

The pay range as a YUP math tutor ranges from $22-34 with an average base pay of $27 an hour.

To become a YUP tutor the application process requires a written application, a math proficiency exam, a teaching exam, and a demo tutoring session. This ensures you will be a good fit as a tutor on the platform. 

Math is a difficult subject for many students, so having a tutor who knows their subject well is important.


Brainfuse is a unique program that doesn’t just tutor K-12 students. They also have services that assist people with their job search (building their resume, career coaching, interview prep, etc.), support for veterans and their families, and others who need a little extra tutoring assist. 

This platform also includes a test preparation area for students preparing for their ACT, SAT, GED, ASVAB, US Citizenship Test, and College Placement Test. 

The average hourly rate at Brainfuse is $20 an hour.

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At, they serve students in higher education, K-12, U.S. Military and they also have libraries that students and users can access.

Don’t expect it to be easy to join this program though as they have a “rigorous screening” process to obtain highly qualified experts. So if you already have a teaching degree or a teaching certificate, prior teaching experience, or are a retired teacher looking to make extra money, then you may not be a competitive candidate. 

The average expected hourly pay is $20.


This platform is actually a bit different than most and allows you to work more as a freelance tutor. Geekly Hub offers tutoring for 100’s of subjects, and allows students to submit a question they have, and are paired up with the most relevant tutor. 

As a tutor, you may see these relevant questions pop up in your dashboard, and if you decide to answer them, you can accept as many as you’d like. The average pay for this platform is around $20 an hour.

This platform has some of the best flexibility for tutors as you can come and go as you please. 

Aim 4 A

You can work part-time or full-time and earn around $10-15 an hour. The various subjects that are taught include English, Math, Science, and test prep classes for the ACT and SAT. 

Anyone around the world can apply, but you will need to speak fluent English. To apply, you will need to send your application to their email with the required information and your resume.

Tutoring Revolution

The various subjects taught in this online tutoring platform include Math, English, Science, Foreign Language, History, and even Computer Science. Additionally, test preparation classes are also offered through the Tutoring Revolution platform.

You can expect to be paid anywhere from $21-31 an hour.

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​Preply focuses on providing language learning to students, and even corporate businesses looking to train their employees to learn a new language.

If you are familiar with a less commonly spoken language, you are more likely to be more competitive as a tutor, and may make more. 

The estimated hourly pay at Preply is $20-34 an hour.


Skooli does require you to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in your chosen subject. And, you will also need to have a government-issued teaching license, so not just anyone can apply to be a Skooli tutor.

The pay is based on qualifications and experience, so this will vary from one tutor to the next. Once an hourly rate is decided, a tutor is paid on a per-minute basis for completed tutoring sessions. But, the estimated average pay is around $19 an hour

I will mention though, that tutors who refer students earn a $10 commission for the completion of the 60-minute tutoring trial.

So, while Skooli may not pay as highly as some tutoring platforms, it would be a great place for current teachers to make a little extra income during their free time.


For students looking for help with Math, Science, Language, or test prep, PrepNow offers those services.

You can expect to make around $18 an hour at PrepNow, but the requirements are a bit higher than other tutoring platforms. You will need to have at least 6 hours of time available on weeknights and/or weekends, two years of tutoring or teaching experience, and a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program.

TutaPoint (At-Home Tutoring Services)

This platform actually focuses on a more holistic approach to a student’s academic success. Whether a student requires traditional tutoring support, test preparation, help with college admissions, or even academic coaching, a student can expect well-rounded results from this service. 

As a tutor for At Home Tutoring Services, you may have the opportunity to provide in-person tutoring (depending on the region), or you can provide online tutoring help. You can expect to earn around $26 an hour.

Study Gate

This platform offers help for K-12, college, those needing test prep, and anyone needing homework help. This platform does require that you have some education, or current teaching experience. 

You will need to have an undergraduate degree, currently be working as a TA, or have years of experience with online homework help. You can expect to earn around $21-23 an hour on this freelance tutoring platform.


This platform offers tutoring services for over 300 subjects and offers 1-on-1 instruction. Wyzant is different than other tutoring platforms in that it allows you to set your own rates, based on your experience, expertise, and qualifications. 

Because you are allowed to set your own rate, the average hourly rate is between $35-60.


Studypool has a unique method of earning money as a tutor. Rather than an hourly rate, you have to complete a question or prompt from a student which has different pay rates. 

You can even upload documents like old class notes, exam notes, and other study prep content and get paid $10 for every time a student views the document. So you don’t even have to be a tutor to make money from Study Pool.

While Study Pool offers help with a wide range of subjects, each subject area is rather specific to help students find the most relevant tutor to answer their questions.

You can expect to earn up to $7500 monthly.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors offers tutoring for over 3,000 subjects on their platform, with 1-on-1 and small-group instruction.

The services include your typical academic subjects, test prep, and languages, and even help students with additional enriching learning experiences with subjects like Paleontology and other unique study areas.

You can expect to earn around $19 an hour.


Outschool is probably my favorite online tutoring platform in that it even includes subject areas in the arts. This includes music, life skills, health and wellness, arts, games and hobbies, and more. 

Additionally, they even offer information for students to join clubs, and one-time classes in all subject areas. I even saw a class about farting, and why it is such an important thing for some animals. The typical age range is for students from 3-18.

You can expect to earn around $26 an hour.


This platform is less of an online tutoring platform and more of an online class platform. Powered by Microsoft, you can teach lessons to aspiring learners looking to learn more about a specific subject.

You can teach live 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions, or you can prerecord content for new learners. 

Most of the online teachers have a set per/minute fee and choose to teach for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or some other preferred time. 

So, you can earn anywhere from $10-100+ per hour.

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This English tutoring platform requires no previous teaching experience, no Bachelor’s degree, and no teaching certificate.

You will earn $10.20 an hour on Cambly, and $12 an hour on Cambly Kids, and will get paid weekly. There are no minimum hours required, so you can work when you want, and where you want. 

The tutoring style is 1-on-1 and may be with University students from around the world, marketing professionals, or language enthusiasts, all looking to learn more about the English language.


With a focus on K-12, and test prep help, this 1-on-1 tutoring platform gives students that little extra bit of help to get them through their academic struggles. This platform does schedule its tutoring times in the U.S. time frame, so if you live or work around the world, you may need to be more flexible on your timing.

To apply as a tutor, you will need a Bachelor’s degree, expertise in English, Math, or Science, and a certificate if you have one. There is also an interview as part of the application process. 

You can expect to earn around $19-26 an hour at eTutorWorld.

Remind Tutoring

Remind Tutoring requires their tutors to fill out an application, take a subject-relevant assessment, and complete a mock tutoring evaluation, to ensure they will be a good fit for the platform. 

You are required to either be a certified teacher, have a year of teaching experience, or have several years of tutoring experience. The subjects available for you to teach include math and English, and you will also need to pass a background check as well. 

Additionally, you will need to have at least 5 hours available to commit to the platform, and you can expect to earn around $25 an hour.

Book Nook

Book Nook offers tutoring to students K-8 before school, during school, and after school during the weekdays only. This platform pairs up with educational organizations and school districts and focus on the Science of Reading.

You can expect to earn $18 an hour.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a unique platform that cares just as much for its employees as it does for its students. As compared to the other tutoring platforms in this list, Course Hero has the best benefits available to tutors. 

Not only do they offer generous paid leave, but they also include generous stipends for events like family planning and parental leave (both parents), education assistance, work from home technical stipends, 401K company match, and more. You can earn thousands of dollars as a Coure Hero employee simply from the benefits packages they offer.

However, there are limited roles available, and they may not have any open tutoring positions that include the benefits package.  But, as a tutor, you can expect to earn around $17-30 an hour.


iTalki focuses on language learning, and some tutors are bilingual or multilingual. There are many languages that the tutors are familiar with and can help those students learn to speak, write, and read better in their chosen language.

You can expect to earn an inconsistent amount on iTalki because your student case load may vary quite a bit, and the more positive feedback you get the better your rates will be. However, the average professional English teacher earns $15-18 an hour.

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